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(touch the picture .. try to hover some elements =) )

This is the bullet man ... the bullet This is the guy who makes the bullets .. the bullet maker .. this ist the studios man .. the great studio for bullets Your'e a kind of stupid? Never have seen a H? This is a H man Just a H Dont touth it with your fu***cking cursor man .. Take this into your f*** a***hole man .. Movie .. Yea man it will be a great movie .. just click this movie Text here and after 3500 clicks the movie will be your's .. Only YOUR's .. enjoy! Just try to get them ... try to beat them in a kind of game ... if you win, we will make a movie about you ... Cause we stil need some guyz who katch the bullets Nobody belive ... But this man, this is the cool shadow of the bullet... A stupid guy (named Emre) call it a shadowmap ,with is generated by a scanline renderer in 3D Studio Max 4 an so on .. but this is the shadow man .. the shadow ..!


Still wait .. It ist just ... just wait .. dont be angry . try keeping coll man .. still wait for it .. don't do anything, you will be worry about ... about .. about NOT waiting ... still keep waiting .. do .. do nothing .. still count the days .. and still wait for it .. it will come .. and you wil also get it like everybody else .. try nothing else ... just wait .. wait in peace .. wait in peace ...

less than 3 month to the:

.: D-DAY :.